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Why Simcoe Gases is Your Vendor of Choice for Welding Gases and Supplies

Updated: Jan 10

Simcoe Gases Welding Gas and Supplies

When choosing a welding gas supplier in Central Ontario or the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), it’s important to choose a company that can not only meet your scheduling and competitive price requirements, but one that also stocks a wide range of industrial gases to meet your specific welding needs.

While the larger industrial gas suppliers have a range of stock, they often don’t create a relationship with their customer and are therefore unable to suggest products and supplies that will truly enhance your welding services. These large companies simply don’t have the time for one on one conversations.

That’s why you should consider a local family-owned supplier such as Simcoe Gases, which, on top of competitive prices and high-quality welding gases, puts customer service at the forefront of its business strategy. Simcoe Gases is a member of a North American Cooperative (a buying group) that allows us to buy high quality welding gas and supplies as price competitively as our larger competitors. These savings are passed on to our customers!

Based in our conveniently located office and warehouse in Innisfil, the Simcoe Gases team of welding gases and welding equipment experts has vast industry knowledge in the specific gases that will ensure you achieve high-quality welding results.

Your complete supplier of welding gases and supplies

As the leading independently-owned distributor of industrial and commercial compressed gases in the Central Ontario, Simcoe and GTA regions, Simcoe Gases supplies a range of gases and gas mixtures in a variety of cylinder sizes for all of your welding needs.

These industrial gases include:

Get in touch with us today to talk about your requirements and for a no-obligation quote.


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