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CO2 for the Cannabis Industry 

CO2 for the Cannabis Industry

Cryogenic Liquid Gas & CO2 for Greenhouse Grow-Ops

At Simcoe Gases, we offer cryogenic liquid gas tanks and high-pressure cylinders of Carbon dioxide for the cannabis industry.

We’re a leading industrial and commercial gases supplier in Ontario, and we are able to meet the specific compressed gas needs of those working in the cannabis industry. We provide greenhouses and grow rooms across the province with high-quality cryogenic liquid gas tanks and high-pressure carbon dioxide cylinders to help grow their business. By working with Simcoe Gases, your business will realize more yields per year, fewer dry periods and will be able to harvest larger buds.

We can work with you to evaluate your usage and implement a delivery system that’s economical for your business. Whether you need high-pressure cylinders for a small grow room or a liquid CO2 tank for a larger greenhouse application, we are here to help. Contact us today to speak with a representative. We look forward to serving you.

Why is CO2 Used in Cannabis Greenhouses?

Raising cannabis plants in small growth centers or in large greenhouses is a meticulous and calculated process that requires highly-skilled techniques.

Greenhouse gardeners and growers have begun to implement CO2 methods into their work, whether that’s raising fruits, vegetables, flowers or cannabis plants.

The trick to accelerating plant growth is to circulate more CO2 into these environments through implementing ventilation systems. Adding the supplementary CO2 to cannabis grow rooms and greenhouse operations will accelerate yields, resulting in more harvests per year and a greater profit.

Buds can grow larger in size with increased CO2 intake, which will compensate the need for more water, light and nutrients. Not only that, but this process also decreases the possibility and frequency of dry periods - creating mass production of healthy, thriving marijuana plants.

Every aspect of our service here at Simcoe Gases is based on a commitment to put your needs first. You can depend on our expertise, experience and resources as a greenhouse grow-op gas supplier to support your day-to-day business management and your plans for the future.

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