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Dry Ice

Dry Ice Blocks
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Dry Ice Delivery Across Central Ontario & the GTA

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Dry ice is an attractive resource for virtually all industrial sectors. It is ideal for any process that requires effective refrigeration due to its cooling effect. 
It is excellent for the transport of chilled or frozen food due to its antibacterial properties, and it is essential for the transportation of medicines for vaccines in the pharmaceutical industry.
A key factor in manufacturing dry ice is to ensure the ice is made to order and delivered as near as possible to the time of use - that’s why here at Simcoe Gases dry ice is always delivered fresh to you. This reduces the problem of ice loss and reduced mechanical strength which will affect performance. It also means that we can supply you with our dry ice that will still be fresh when you receive it.

We Supply Dry Ice To:

  • Meat Packaging Industry

  • Hospitals and Medical Labs

  • Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Bars and Nightclubs

  • Universities and Schools

  • Wedding Venues

  • Soft Drinks Industry

  • Construction and Building Companies

  • Plumbing Industry

What Can Dry Ice Be Used For?

  • Theatre Productions

  • Medical Transportation

  • School Science Experiments

  • Food Delivery

  • Cooking and Food Preparation

  • Dry Ice Blasting

  • Halloween and Events

  • Clinical Trial Shipments

  • Weddings – Unique Visual Displays

  • Visual Effects for Film and TV

  • Asphalt Cooling

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