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Draft Specialties - Draft & Beverage Dispensing Equipment

Beer and Beverage Dispensing

A Range of Draft & Beverage Supplies for Hospitality Businesses

Along with our food grade CO₂ that is used to dispense beers or soft drinks, Simcoe Gases also offers a range of beverage dispensing equipment.

Pouring the beverage starts with a well-built and well-maintained beverage dispensing system. From at home kegerators to commercial draft beer and soft drink systems, many key factors work together to maximize taste, quality and profitability. 

Simcoe Gases knows how these systems work from the inside out. We will help you to maintain your beverage dispensing equipment and parts, ensuring that you are able to dispense the highest quality drink every time.
No matter what your beverage dispensing equipment needs are - we have the solution:


  • Kegerators

  • Draft Beer Towers

  • Keg Couplers

  • Gas regulation

  • Faucets

  • Wine/Water/Coffee Systems

Get in touch with us today and our team of experts will work closely with you to design a solution that’s specific to your company’s unique needs. 

Beer Tap
Brown Ale Beer

Supplies & Equipment For Draft / Beverage Dispensing

We offer the hospitality industry including restaurants and bars a full range of supplies and equipment for beverage dispensing and operation. Contact us to learn more.
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