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Forklift Propane

Forklift Propane Resupply

We keep your operation running. 

Have the experts at Simcoe Gases monitor and automatically re-stock your inventory to specified levels or call us when you need a fast, efficient delivery. Safe, clean 33 lb. propane cylinders are always in stock.

Regular Deliveries to Central Ontario, the GTA, Peel Region and Halton Region

Save money and eliminate down time with  new, lower Propane pricing & our state-of-the-art scheduling.
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forklift propane gas cylinder
forklift propane gas
forklift propane gas

Propane vs. Battery-Powered Forklifts

Clean-burning propane powered forklifts are the intelligent work horse of choice for most manufacturing and warehouse operations.


100% power availability until the cylinder is empty

Easy cylinder change-out means little downtime

Constant source of available power

Reliable, consistent source of fuel

Lower long term operating costs

Lower capital Costs

No Cylinder Maintenance Required

Battery Power

Fading power as battery charge lowers

Typically, forklift batteries take eight hours to charge and need an additional eight hours to cool down before use

Batteries last an average of five years before requiring replacement or reconditioning

Not all batteries can be reconditioned and reconditioned batteries will only provide power for roughly half of the time compared to new

Batteries typically cost as much as 30% of the cost of the forklift, with a life span of a few years before requiring some form of re-investment.

Propane powered forklifts cost roughly 30% less, on average, than battery powered units of equivalent capacities.

Changing and charging batteries takes a great deal of time on a regular basis and requires significant and complicated procedures to ensure safety and efficiency

Southern Ontario’s Best Choice For Forklift Propane


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