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Kegerator for Draft Beer

Keeping Your Draft Beer Fresher for Longer

Are you looking for a way to keep your draft beer fresher, for longer? Simcoe Gases can help with our professional range of kegerators.


A kegerator is a specialized appliance built for the purpose of dispensing beer. It is essentially a refrigerator that has been specifically designed or altered to store and dispense beer kegs in both residential and commercial environments.

Kegerators keep your draft beer fresher and carbonated for extended periods of time by keeping the keg in a refrigerated environment and using CO2 gas to dispense the keg. Draft beer can generally last up to a couple of months when kept in a kegerator. Here at Simcoe Gases, we offer a wide range of kegerators for your specific draft beer needs. Whether you need an inside kegerator, an outside kegerator or a dual tap kegerator, we can supply the perfect solution for your commercial or residential requirements. Get a quote today!

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Brown Ale Beer

Better Beer!

Keep your draft beer fresher and carbonated for longer by keeping your beer in a refrigerated environment. We have a range of kegerators to suit bars and restaurants of all sizes. Get in touch with us today to find out more.
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