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Nitrogen Generators & Gas Blenders

Increase your profits using our Nitro-Draught N2 Generator & Gas Blending System.


Small Footprint        Flawless Performance       Hands-off Operation

Nitrogen Generator & Blender
CO2 & N2 Gas Blender

Nitrogen Generators / Concentrators

Enjoy hands-free, consistent & dependable, single or blended gas supply. Serve your customers brewery-quality draft beer. Reduce foaming & waste. Free your staff from the onerous tasks of monitoring cylinder levels and changing over empty cylinders to full (as always seems to happen in the middle of your busiest time).

The Nitro-Draught line of N2 Generators are a modular design set-up suitable for draft beer, wine, cold brew and nitro coffee systems.  

The Nitro-Draught system uses proven Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology with a Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) to separate N2 from the room atmosphere and store it at a purity level of at least 99.8%. It then uses a mechanical blender to combine the N2 with CO2  from high pressure cylinders or our low pressure liquid CO2 Mini-Bulk Systems.

Normally mounted on the pressurized N2 storage & supply vessel, the Nitro-Draught N2 Generator unit can also be wall mounted, separated from the storage tank and placed in different locations to accommodate any existing system layout and storage challenges. 

For ultra-high demand situations, such as arenas, casinos etc., extra storage vessels may be added to increase surge availability.

We make cost-effective nitrogen supply easy!

Each Nitro-Draught system includes: 

  • Pre-set CO2 / N2   blends chosen by our experts to match your system

  • 114 Litre space efficient N2 storage vessel. 

  • Industry standard ¼ inch barbed inlet & outlet connections

  • Convenient integral outlet pressure gauges

  • Pre-set gas blends chosen specifically for your system. (Pressures may be re-set if needed due to a change in the draft beer system or other plant logistics)

Wall mounted CO2 / N2 Gas Blenders

The Simcoe Gas Dual Wall Mounted Blender is available in any two chosen pre-set blend ratios.  Our blenders mix CO2 and N2 on demand and are perfect for supplying draft systems with in-house blended beer gas with the optimum blend and pressure settings for your specific needs.

  • Consistent, dependable performance you can count on

  • No electricity required

  • Standard Flow and High Flow capacity models to suit every system, from small bar to major venue


Please call us today to discuss your specific system requirements.

Nitrogen Generators & Gas Blenders
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