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Industry Specific Specialty Gases

Specialty Gases at the Purity Level You Need

Simcoe Gases delivers an extensive variety of specialty gases to a wide range of industries. These include research labs, medical, biotech and pharmaceutical services, the food and beverage sector, as well as specialized gases needed in metal fabrication. Simcoe Gases supplies Argon, Oxygen, Nitrogen and CO2 in various purities for lab or laser use. Laser gases are mixed and analyzed specifically for your application including calibrations. 


  • Calibration Standards

  • Instrument Support Mixtures

  • Special Application Mixtures

  • Laser Gas Mixtures

  • Research Gas Mixtures High Flow

  • Medical Gases Corrosive

  • Beverage & Food

  • Biological Atmosphere Gas Mixtures


We have the ability to provide your business with a specific specialty gas at the specific purity level that you require. We provide confirmation of all specialty gases, assuring your purity needs. 


Because we’re a local Ontario-based company, and we only focus on our immediate service area of Central Ontario, the GTA and the Simcoe County region, we can work closely with you to meet your custom needs.


We are equipped to deal with quick turnaround times and order changes, while always adhering to the highest levels of product quality and service standards.Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

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Get a Quote for Specialty Gases

Simcoe Gases is a leading provider of industrial gas products, welding industrial and safety supplies, and services in Central Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. Request a quote and get competitive pricing for your gas requirements.

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