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Simcoe Gases is your best choice for industrial & Welding Gases & Safety Supplies -  Lab & Specialty-Mixed Gases - Hospitality Gases & Equipment - Forklift Propane

Deep Industry Knowledge. Proven Reliability.

Simcoe Gases is a leading provider of industrial compressed gas products, supplies, and services in Central Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. We work with top quality suppliers and offer responsive, effective customer service for all of your industrial supply needs. We also service the hospitality sector by providing expertise and supplies for draft beer systems and food gas, as well as supplying state-of-the-art welding supplies across numerous industries.

Gas Products & Services

The Leading Supplier of Industrial Gases


Simcoe Gases is the leading supplier of industrial gases in Central Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). With a lineup of gases including argon, nitrogen, oxygen, helium, acetylene, MIG and TIG gas and gas mixtures that come in a range of cylinder sizes, we can supply the industrial gas you need for the exact time you need it.

Our Noble Mix Lineup of Argon-Based Gases

Argon is the third-most abundant gas in the Earth’s atmosphere and is known as a noble gas due to its suitability in applications where reactions are not wanted. That’s why we’ve created our Noble Mix lineup of argon-based gases that are perfectly suited for a wide number of welding applications.

Your One-Stop-Shop 
For Welding Supplies


Simcoe Gases is also well known as a regional supplier of welding supplies for the Greater Toronto region and Central Ontario. We offer a complete solution for all your welding needs, including welding machines, welding gases, welding and plasma cutting equipment, safety supplies and much more.

Draft Beer System

We're the Toronto, GTA & Simcoe County Leader in Draft Systems

Draft Beer System Installation

Ensure that you get the best quality installation standards by using our experienced team of technicians. From old-fashioned to modern installation needs we can handle it.


Draft Beer Line Cleaning

Great beer deserves clean lines. Lines need regular cleaning to keep the beer coming out of the tap as pure as its makers intended. We can bring your lines up to the standards your customers can taste.


Draft Beer Line Maintenance

Temperature, pressure, and other factors are important in your beer lines. We are your partners in keeping your beer storage and dispensing system working in top shape.


Draft Beer Gas Refill and Supply

Our staff have many years of experience in the draft beer system industry and continue to provide you with a large selection of gases in a number of cylinder sizes to accommodate any need you may have, whether it be beer gas or CO2 gas. On-site nitrogen generators and gas blenders are our specialties, we will customize a system to suit your application.

Our Partners

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Customer Reviews

welding gas supplier

“Thank you very much Rob.

I started dealing with Simcoe Gases for my business because I was tired of how the competition was treating us. You were not long showing me how you respect your customers big or small. That won’t soon be forgotten, in fact I tell everyone that will listen.Thank you again, we appreciate all that you do. Yesterday I asked Doug for a gas cup for our CWB testing. They were on my desk when I arrived this morning. Amazing!”

welding gas supplier

"Excellent service from John. I was very impressed with the service our company received from John from first contact to installation. Very professional!"

Leslie J. 

Simcoe Gases

"My C02 ran out for my 3 beer kegs. Came here with my empty 10 pound tank which needed a recertification and within 10 minutes I was out the door with a similar looking good tank of C02. Beer flows again, thankfully with no down time!"

Tom W.

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